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Kykullo  Towels are unique quality towels we design in Bali for all around the world.

Our collections consist ‘Kykullo Wax’,‘Smuggler’, ‘Kykullo Premium’, ‘Kykullo Exclusive’ and ‘The Rad Rug’.A bag in towel or towel in a bag was born also, Kykullo Day Pack!

The original design of our Kykullo Wax  is a unique towel, that combines the beauty of an Indonesian Batik Sarong and the comfort of a towel.The sophisticated Smuggler is produced with 100% cotton fabrics, for multi use as travel companion and relax moments. Our Kykullo Premium collection is accessorized with  fun “pom poms” and cute tassels design combined with contrasting colors of a batik sarong & towel. Kykullo Exclusive is a mix of batik colors combination. The Rad Rug collection has a unique look since we have worked with very talented designers to create these beach towels. A sarong side with a handmade silk screen print with designs of street artists, fantasy designs & tie dye techniques. Day pack is a cute bag that turns in a towel…or a towel that turns in a bag?

Batik is an amazing and ancient method of color dyeing. It is a method using wax to create patterns and designs. There is a rich culture and tradition behind this handicraft. To develop a beautiful batik requires a lot of patience and practice. Typical Indonesian batik has characters of mystic and ritualistic connection. Common designs are flowers, trees, birds and tribal prints. All of them have a significant meaning. The finest batik of the world is still made in Indonesia.

”The beauty of batik lies in its simplicity”

“Carry me to a place far beyond dreams between the ocean and the sky, make me yours. You smile i smile”

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